Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Its Been Awhile Since

I was just going over an old blog,mostly about being discouraged by a lack of Governmental Understanding.Having moved on in both my circumstances and residence,I realize most People are too busy,scared economically to show any concern for those less fortunate.I believe this is not due to un-caring but more from frustration in dealing with bad economic times .
Most People who are Challenged due to Cerebral Palsy or other developmental diagnosis,do not fear the Economic bad times,not because we don't deal with it ,we do..... .For me I Have Always Had Economic difficulty.Education hasn't been a strong suit of mine,having L.D.(learning disability)and Some moderate Cognitive delays,not notice Right off.

My Musical ability is my saving grace,my sanity in a world that doesn't tolerate imperfection.
Our Society is about aptitude,power and ability.Look at Sports, Media and the business world,a dog eat dog environment. My Musical ability is a gift from above.Yet The music business is expensive and very hard to get into for the( normal ?) artist.For Anyone like me its almost impossible.I didn't have a great deal of family support growing up.My father was a "realist "
I was discouraged in pursuing the one thing I was good at and I guess in his mind coming from the depression My dreams weren't anything that could translate into a sustainable living.
What is for sure in this day and age?The 20 yr. job for the company and a Gold Watch ,has long since vanished.We don't care about helping others if it means a sacrifice of ,time or money.
I have come to except that equal treatment or Equality is about Money.Lets look at U.C.P (United Cerebral Palsy foundation)I have been to their site and e-mailed them , signed up and all I get is an email to donate more money!.I have seen their articles about actors sponsoring charity drives and events yet nowhere do I see an actual phone# or any advocacy for those of us who should be getting help from this organization.
In closing If there is anyone Close to the director of U.C .P.or involved with the Dept. of Disabilities(federal or State of Ca.) I would appreciate Some constructive guidance and help in making a living preferably in the music business. my website is donhaleymusic.com
I would consider doing the entertainment for fundraising drives ,benefits .

I hope this blog is thought provoking,I remember a President once saying "Don't ask what the country can do for you but what can you do for this country" (JFK )I have never forgotten that Quotation.It symbolizes to me what we should be as a People of America.
It Has been awhile since......I have been given a chance to pursue my dreams as equally as those of minority.Maybe being differently-abled is just to hard for people to understand that we are capable if given a legitimate chance with accommodation and guidance.

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  1. Hello, UCP provides services and advocacy through a network of affiliates. To find the affiliate nearest you visit: