Thursday, August 4, 2011

Patience,Determination and Believing You Can !

For years I heard from many learned adults , some were teachers , some were in the social services /humane services field say to me "Your a Dreamer"I am ..... and have been steadily going forward on my own after my dream.I have also had a few friends not so educated but extremely wise and genuine say to me "Your Dreams are what make you who you are". I have often wondered if any of those degree'd people ever had or have dreams ? My dreams, one by one have unfolded slowly over the years. As a young boy,I wanted to sing like Glen Campbell my Idol and make my living as a singer and songwriter.I have made money playing and singing over the years.I have also seen the downside of this music business (Full of Pimps ,Thieves and Users).I still forged ahead,sacrificed a marriage and several relationships. In 36 years of of trying to get Noticed I find I am known in the music business by some heavy music is on Internet radio live 365 and also .
In 6 days I will be In Austin Texas,working with Lou Watson and networking and laying the ground work for his latest project and setting up a tour down the road.I have been looking for Lou for the last 20 years.His album is doing quite well on the Country Indie Charts at # 1,His single is in the top 20 on the country Indie charts.Lou Watson and I never gave up on our friendship and our common dreams. "You Can Do and Be Anything as long as you are determined,Patient and believe in yourself enough to never give in to the negative defeatists,who are jealous of those of us who have the fire to succeed at all costs and Capture dreams no matter how big or small they may be.Do checkout and become a fan of his and thanks for being my fan and reading my blogs and listening to my music."Life is a Box of Chocolates"and "I think All the good Chocolates are Still Yet to be Eaten" I Keep y'all posted!

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