Friday, October 28, 2011

Life is So awesome!

I haven't been writing much lately. For many of you who know me I apologize for that I've been very busy. I recently took a trip to Austin Texas to visit  recording artist Lou Watson. While in Austin happend to meet a very good songwriter and good friend Bill Starrett who wrote four songs on my first album. The songs are: Picture of You, Wasting Time, One Too Many Times and Party Town. Each of the songs are getting airplay on . I appreciate very much the opportunity that Jimmy Lawson and Judy Shannon his sister-in-law have given me. I also would like to thank my sister-in-law Liz Haley for all her efforts helping me with my website and encouragement through the years.
I was looking online the other day and saw  my video" Looking through the window through the pain" on "youtube", a beautiful video done by Judy Shannon . I have always said "Never give up on your dreams. "My dreams as a young child in leg braces, was to be "Normal". Having a disability like Cerebral Palsy as mild as it is still in a field such as music and entertaining has been anything but easy .At 52, I still have that dream of performing on stages and on tour full-time. Shortly another video"Picture of You" written by Bill Starrett will be coming out on"YouTube",  Being persistent and allowing people to help me has always been difficult for me. Life is awesome ,life is hard , faith in yourself takes years to have when so many didn't believe in me and my dreams. Most of those people
now are seeing this dream becoming a reality.
To all my Fan and Friends thank you  for listening and being there for me when I was down ,Many of you helped pick me up.I am curious I have a fan who keeps checking into my site from Mountain View California ,Please let me know who you are? I always make it a point to personally contact all my friends and fans here's my e-mail:  thankyou "Never give up or give in" believe in your dreams and your dreams will be living in you!" Don haley the California kidd (copyright 2001)

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