Saturday, April 14, 2012

. Look to your left and right to appreciate what you have

It was at a music show last Thursdaymany of the speakers and artists spoke about their lives. Many of the stories were of abuse and horrifying relationships and addictions far more Traumatic than mine. Even though my early childhood was foster care in a number of homes and dealing internally with cerebral palsy and the uncertainty of my familial security, I did okay.Today, at 53 I live a life very different than I had planned. I struggle every day with pain from degeneration and scoliosis to my spine. However, I walk and still drive my Jeep Laredo. So many others around me I see have no no place to live. My music keeps me alive mentally. Soon I hope to be on the road playing with Lou Watson, who just signed with TMG music group. When you feel the hardships of life and you feel as though you can't go on and nothing seems to be positive. Look around you you don't have to look very far to see someone far worse off than you or you hear tragic stories like I heard this last Thursday and you begin to really appreciate what you have and the negative things that come up aren't really that big. My financial picture is fairly bleak. However, it will improve step-by-step, day by day. I count the blessings of family, a roof over my head and every now and then I can go out and have a cheeseburger at McDonald When you feel as if you can't go on a life sucks because you don't have something, stop and think about the things you do have, a job, family and a home. Many of us take those things for granted. Having a disability such as  cerebral palsy makes it harder  in the employment area because it narrows the possibilities then the average average job seeker .I still can work and hopefully soon in  my chosen field  of music."Never give in or up on your dreams"

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