Monday, April 23, 2012

Never forget how precious friendship is

I have recently found one of  my dearest friends has tragically died this month  on April,13th.MY FRIEND and I lost contact over the  years.I have been trying to re- connect with her, using  her maiden name and then her married name.All this was done and searched through the Internet to no avail.I was just  on the Internet just typed in  her  name Nancy Lowe and up came article on her death,under the name Nancy Lowe Bullock.At first I thought it was a Different person ,the further I read, it mentioned her home town and then her school  and  post secondary education.I began to cry,I had  lost a friend who had helped me graduate from high school and  had also helped  me get  into Laverne University.Nancy was and is my Angel.The reason her passing hit me so hard is because even though we had not been in recent contact,I remember Friday the 13th feeling very out of sorts as if there was unfinished business to do.I realize she was a special gift to many people and now had been called home having completed her calling by God here on earth.
The newspaper report from Santa Barbara said she  died tragically and suddenly.Yet  there is no description given as to cause.I understand now how important staying in contact with those important to you.I also know that those people who are truly your friends are always with you in memory and thoughts. Nancy will always be my Angel deep  down  in  my soul.She from the first day we met Understood me as a person without any reservations as to my having a disability and very little self confidence.Nancy built  me up and made me feel alive.I believe, I was in love with her not romantically but more spiritually.She taught me many things; how to write an essay and how to believe in my strengths.
So when your thinking about your friends don't forget how quickly life changes and  in the blink of an eye those close to you can be die.Stay close and don't be afraid to tell them you love them.I found this out far too late.My faith however knows that Nancy is looking down and watching over those of us she touched through the years with  that tender smile and soft gentleness. Remember to embrace life and those around you.Life  and love can be short if not lived to the fullest.

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